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In my VB solution I have a lot of buttons arranged in a grid. When the program is loaded one of the buttons is randomly set to be the right one (You have to click that one to win). Can anybody point my in the right direction? Because there must be a better way than manually coding every single button, and creating an event handler for every single button.

You don't have to give me a working example, just an overall idea of how this is done.


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If you want to arrange the buttons in a grid, either use the TableLayoutPanel or add the buttons directly to the form and calculate their positions. The TableLayoutPanel is useful if you want to arrange the buttons automatically when the form resizes, otherwise adding the buttons directly seems easier to me.

Add the buttons to an array defined at form level to make them easily accessible

Public Const NColumns As Integer = 5, NRows As Integer = 4

Private buttons As Button(,) = New Button(NColumns - 1, NRows - 1) {}

You can add the buttons easily in loops

For ix As Integer = 0 To NColumns - 1
    For iy As Integer = 0 To NRows - 1
        Dim btn = New Button()
        btn.Text = String.Format("{0:d2}{1:d2}", ix, iy)
        btn.Location = New Point(leftMargin + ix * xDistance,
                                 topMargin + iy * yDistance)
        btn.Size = New Size(buttonWidth, buttonHeight)
        AddHandler btn.Click, Addressof Button_Clicked
        buttons(ix, iy) = btn

You can determine the winning button with a random generator. Define it as form member, not as local variable.

Private randomGenrator As System.Random = New System.Random()

Determine the coordinates

Dim xWins = randomGenrator.Next(NColumns) 'Returns a number between 0 and NColumns-1
Dim yWins = randomGenrator.Next(NRows)

The click handler looks like this

Private Sub Button Button_Clicked(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    If sender = buttons(xWins, yWins) Then
       'You win
       'You loose
End Sub
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First, you said you want a grid of buttons, so you have to have a FlowLayoutPanel control in your form in order to let the buttons you want to add, to be arranged automatically. Second, you have to make use of a for loop, r any kind of look, in order to add the buttons to be added to previously added 'FlowLayoutPanel'. class Answers Dim strAnswerText as string Dim AnswerFlag as Boolean End Class

Sub LoadForm(byval a_Answers as Answer())        
    Dim i as Integer = 0
    Dim b as Button 
       b = New Button()
       b.Text = "Choice -" & i & "- " & a_Answers(i).strAnswerText 
       b.Tag = a_Answers(i).AnswerFlag

       'Supposing that the FlowLayoutPanel control name is fl
       AddHandler b.Click, Addressof Clicked
    End For 
End Sub

Sub Button Clicked(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
    if sender.Tag = True
       'True answer
       'Wrong answer
    end if

End Sub
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Don't all the buttons get the 'True' tag this way? –  user1626227 Dec 24 '12 at 13:31
yes you are right, you have to get around this one, like, you have to give the right answer number as an argument. like 'LoadForm( byval rightanswer as integer)', and so ... –  Nl Cedar Dec 24 '12 at 14:30
please, reread the answer i have edited it –  Nl Cedar Dec 24 '12 at 15:01
Thank you so much. –  user1626227 Dec 25 '12 at 16:57

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