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I will want to use reordering of listitem in zk How can we do it when we have define tags(listitem,listcell) inside the zul file .I do Not want to use ListitemRenderer.Here i found something but may be they are not updating things

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Listbox Reorder Columns

The folloing example could be found on zk fiddle too.

By Drag and Drop

First a dnd example that we extend to the popup way later.
The simple view:

<window apply="test.LboxViewCtrl">
        <listbox id="lbox">
            <listhead id="lHead">
                <listheader draggable="head" droppable="head" label="Col A" />
                <listheader draggable="head" droppable="head" label="Col B" />
                <listheader draggable="head" droppable="head" label="Col C" />
                <auxheader colspan="3">
                    <button id="reorderBtn" label="Reorder" />
                <listcell label="A1" />
                <listcell label="B1" />
                <listcell label="C1" />
                <listcell label="A2" />
                <listcell label="B2" />
                <listcell label="C2" />

The controller explained by comments:

public class LboxViewCtrl extends SelectorComposer<Component> {

    private Listbox lbox;
    private Listhead lHead;
    private Panel menu;
    private Listbox box;

    @Listen("onDrop = #lbox > #lHead > listheader")
    public void onDroplHead(DropEvent ev) {
        // get the dragged Listheader and the one it is dropped on.
        Listheader dragged = (Listheader) ev.getDragged();
        Listheader droppedOn = (Listheader) ev.getTarget();
        // then get their indexes.
        int from = lHead.getChildren().indexOf(dragged);
        int to = lHead.getChildren().indexOf(droppedOn);

        // swap the positions
        lHead.insertBefore(dragged, droppedOn);

        // swap related Listcell in all Listitem instances
        for (Listitem item : lbox.getItems()) {
            item.insertBefore(item.getChildren().get(from), item.getChildren().get(to));



Now we can dnd the columns.

With pop up

First we add a method that open up our menu if we click the button in Listbox.

@Listen("onClick = #reorderBtn")
public void onEditorOpen(Event e) {
    Window win = (Window) Executions.createComponents("/lbMenu.zul", this.getSelf(), null);

Of course we need a view for the pop up:

<window id="menu" visible="false" closable="true" position="center" width="400px" height="150px" border="normal" title="Reorder" apply="test.MenuViewCtrl">
    <listbox id="box">
        <template name="model">
            <listitem label="${each.label}" draggable="move" droppable="move" />

As well as a controller:

    private Window menu;
    private Listbox box;

    private Listhead lHead;

    public void doAfterCompose(Component comp) throws Exception {
        // get the Listboxhead in which we like to change the the col order
        lHead = (Listhead) menu.getParent().query("#lbox > #lHead");
        // set the model for Listbox box in the pop up
        box.setModel(new ListModelList<>(lHead.getChildren()));

    @Listen("onDrop = listitem")
    public void onDropInMenu(DropEvent ev) {
        // get the draged and dropped again
        Listitem dragged = (Listitem) ev.getDragged();
        Listitem droppedOn = (Listitem) ev.getTarget();

        // then get their indexes.
        int from = box.getItems().indexOf(dragged);
        int to = box.getItems().indexOf(droppedOn);

        // swap the positions
        lHead.insertBefore(lHead.getChildren().get(from), lHead.getChildren().get(to));

        // swap related Listcell in all Listitem instances
        for (Listitem item : lHead.getListbox().getItems()) {
            item.insertBefore(item.getChildren().get(from), item.getChildren().get(to));

        // swap the items in pop up Lisbox as well
        box.insertBefore(dragged, droppedOn);

If you want to have up/down buttons instead of dnd, just take a look at this zk demo.

Listbox Reorder Rows

It is very easy and can be found quickly in ZK-Documentation and on ZK Demosite.
Just add

sortAscending="XXX" sortDescending="XXX"

to zks Listhead component in your .zul, where XXX is evaluated to
java.lang.Comparator by data binding, el expression or set inside your composer.

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I am talking about Reorderding not the Sorting – Subodh Joshi Dec 24 '12 at 12:43
So please define reordering. For me reordering is resorting and this is what is happening in your example and that zk doc is handleing in my link / I show in example example. – Nabil A. Dec 24 '12 at 12:48
I already posted question with following heading:-ZK Reordering in Listbox not sorting in ZK Listbox.And in example you can see Reordering image. – Subodh Joshi Dec 24 '12 at 12:52
You mean the little triangles show up and down right? And this is what you can see on the demo page of my awnser as well, triangle up means sortAscending is applyed triangle down means sortDescending is applyed. Just see the Demo and click on the head. – Nabil A. Dec 24 '12 at 12:57
No man see the first image with Green color +sign – Subodh Joshi Dec 24 '12 at 12:58

I have done reordering in ZUL itself you can check Here

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