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Is it OK to manually delete rows from Databasechangelog?

Btw, rollback to a TAG is not an option in my case.

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Deleting rows from the table will simulate a rollback without actually performing one.... Leaving your database in an unknown state (the whole point is that liquibase manages the schema for you).

Why not just rollback a specified number of changesets instead?

liquibase rollbackCount 5
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thank you for your reply. The changeSets are saved in a file. The problem is that when I do a rollback on the tag in that file the rollback of the last two changeSets somehow do not take effect. It is about rolling back added columns with default values. So I wanted to delete the row in the Databasechangelog and then drop the columns manually. Would this still leave the database in an unknown sate? I thought the database state will get back to where it was before performing the update in the file. –  mnish Dec 28 '12 at 13:58
@mnish What you're doing will work provided you know exactly what you're doing. I'm concerned when you say the liquibase rollback did not work... –  Mark O'Connor Dec 28 '12 at 16:43

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