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i need to add a class to a dojo element from html, when i write the class in the html it applies the filters from dojo (styles, etc) and the class dissapears, is there someone out there who has an idea of how adding a class from the html code?

my code:

    $textInput = " <input $type id=\"$name\" name=\"$name\" visible=\"$visible\"";
    $textInput.= " $regExp $required dojoType=\"dijit.form.ValidationTextBox\" value=\"$defaultValue\"";
    $textInput.= " $onKeyUp $onKeyDown $uniqueClass maxlength=\"$length\" style=\"$style\">";

    return $textInput;

$uniqueClass is class="unique" im trying to dinamically generate a form, but havin issues with the class things. Any help will be appreciated. thanks

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try $uniqueClass = 'baseClass="unique"' – Burlak Ilia Dec 24 '12 at 13:29
it actually adds the 'unique' class to the div element, but, it losses the textInput style... any recommendation about this? – Solar Confinement Dec 24 '12 at 14:48

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