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I was searching for a function, or a 'format code' function in NetBeans to format my arrays in PHP in a proper way.


$arr1 = array('allow',' => array('index', 'admin', 'view', 'create', 'update', 'delete'),' => array('@'),), array('deny', 'users' => array('*'),);

^^ Is quite hard to read. So if there would be a function to search for:

  • everytime there is a array( followed by ' replace it with an array(\n'.


  • everytime there is ,\s'\w+' followed by => replace ,\s' with ,\s\n'

Does anyone know if there is a plugin for that? (Btw, I'm not a star in regex so I'm just looking for the array() format problem.)

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NetBeans does natively allow you to format code as you type or format a file (Source -> Format). Specify settings for this formatting in Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Formatting (7.0.1). I don't know if it applies to PHP as well or if it's adequate for your needs. –  Dukeling Dec 28 '12 at 13:47
Yes I know that, but there is no way of customization possible in the Tools > Options > Editor > Formatting window for arrays –  Highmastdon Jan 1 '13 at 10:50

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