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I am working on a quadrotor, I know its position (a) I know where I would like to go (b) so what I do is calculate a vector c,

c = b - a
c = normalize(c)

that gives me a unit vector that will take me to my target. But a quadrotor can move in any direction without rotation so what I have tried to do is rotate that vector c by the robots yaw angle then split it into its x y components and pass them to the robot as roll and pitch angles the problem is when the yaw is 0 degrees (-+ 5) this works but when the yaw is say +90 or -90 it fails and steers to wrong directions. My question is am I missing something obvious here?

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Do a search on "Euler angle" or "quaternion" or "rotation matrix" - three solutions to the same problem. Each has its advantages. – WaywiserTundish Dec 25 '12 at 4:27

Not doing all the research to be 100% sure of this answer, but it sounds like you are getting a (kind of?) Gimbal Lock. A solution to this is to use Quaternions as they are not succeptible to Gimbal Lock.

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