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I need some information about Solr indexing I cannot find. I'm wondering whether fields on which I want to apply only a filter query have to be indexed or it is sufficient to mark them as stored.

Thanks in advance

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yes, it must be indexed. It does not need to be stored.

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store and index are totally different concepts on Solr. If you want to make query on your fields then you should set indexed=true. If you also want to retrieve data when you query then you should set stored=true.

So, for your question; Yes you should set indexed=true if you want to make query.

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You can refer to lucidworks solr ref guide which can be downloaded for free.

Table for field attributes and use case mapping :-

enter image description here

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What about fq (Filter Query)? –  Mawia Jan 7 '14 at 7:03

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