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I want to show pop up code completion hint and word expand (which is equal to Ctrl + N in Vim). Now I type Ctrl+E to popup expand word and I type Ctrl + Shift to popup code completion hint...

Do you have any idea how this could be done?

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One of the lesser-known but potentially powerful features of the keymap is that you can map multiple actions to the same shortcut. You could try doing this for the two things you want to have happen at once.

In Settings → Keymap, you can change what action is triggered by what shortcut.

You can find the actions you're looking for either by name (if you know what they're called in WebStorm), or by their shortcut (by clicking on the Find actions by shortcut button next to the action name search box).

Once you've decided which keyboard shortcut you want to trigger both actions, you can assign it to both actions. You may get a popup about possible conflicts with other actions, with an option to either Remove the other shortcuts or Leave them be.

It may be obvious at this point, but you want to Leave the other shortcut in place so that both actions will be triggered.

Hope this helps!

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I don't know this feature. It's cool. thanks –  nobinobiru Dec 24 '12 at 16:23

I don't think it's possible, check the related requests:

The first request is most likely your use case:

provide reasonable variants to complete when any completion based on context language analysis fail or absent

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