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I have a vertex buffer of points which are to be the center of each circle (triangle fan). how do I take these, lets say draw 10 triangles around this point, then move onto the next point? I haven't been able to find any example code.

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You have to glEnd() then glBegin() if you're using the old pipeline.

If you're issuing draw calls, you can use the primitive restart function, where an index can be designated as beginning a new primitive. All credit to datenwolf for pointing that out, I've clearly blanked it from my memory.

Personally however I still think that you're better off just using indexed triangles, and then you can re-use whatever vertices you want, whenever you want. It's simpler and the driver/hardware will thank you for it.

(in other words, don't use GL_TRIANGLE_FAN - just use GL_TRIANGLES. It's all the hardware draws anyway).

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Primitive restart index has been around for ages. Not downvoting because of cristmas, but your answer is inaccurate. –  datenwolf Dec 24 '12 at 19:41
@datenwolf you're right, and I've corrected my answer with full credit. I've also upvoted your answer. Merry Christmas! –  JasonD Dec 24 '12 at 23:40

You can do this using primitive restart index. You set a special index value (usually the largest number representable by the type used for indexing). Then whenever this index is encountered in the index buffer a new primitive is started, as if multiple calls to glDraw… had been issued.


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Well that's embarrassing. I just keep thinking of the poor driver having to reformat all the data for the hardware... –  JasonD Dec 24 '12 at 20:11

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