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Can anyone shed some light on how would I go about designing a DB for a news website.

Here is what I have so far. An articles table, a sections table and a categories table.

Each article will have a section, most will have a category as well, but some articles might not be part of any category.

For example,

Section 1: City has categories (Los Angeles, Irvine etc...). Will show city level news.

Section 2: USA has no categories will display national level news.

Section 3: Entertainment has categories (Hollywood, stand-up comedies, etc...)

Section 4: Sports has categories (Baseball,Basketball, etc)

Section 5: International News does NOT have categories.

When a person clicks on City he should see categories and top articles from each category, but if he clicks on International News he should directly see the articles from that section and no categories.

So if my articles table have 2 foreign keys sectionId and categoryId, then will this not be a problem since their will be no categoryId for some sections?

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A foreign key can be specified to allow for NULLs, so this is not a problem. Your design seems sound, unless you want one article to have multiple categories, then you need a 3rd table to link category and article. – Dukeling Dec 28 '12 at 13:51
thanks Dukeling! I finally figured out that foreign keys can be nulls as well. You got straight to the point. – user1711769 Jan 5 '13 at 10:07

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