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The way i can getting user input is Read application as follow: Read(variable[,filename[,maxDigits[,option[,attempts[,timeout]]]]]) But if i want to play multiple file instead of one file to get user input, it doesn't have any option! I can use Playback or Background to play files and then call Read application, but user can not input during sound play.

Asterisk Read application

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According to voip-info in Asterisk version 1.4, you cannot do that, but in 1.8, you can specify multiple sound files by separating them with the '&' symbols. (Playback and Background also support this method of playing multiple sounds)

I'm not sure if the feature is supported in 1.6 or not.

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it is supported in 1.6.X too. – arheops Dec 26 '12 at 18:52

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