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When i try to print expectedRuntime variable , it prints the address of expectedRuntime. But i can print timeOfSubmission variable correctly . Can anyone help me please ?

struct process
int timeOfSubmission;
int remainingRunTime;
int expectedRunTime;
char processName[20];


int main()
FILE *myInput;
myInput = fopen("input.txt", "r+");
while ( !feof(myInput) )

    struct process * newProcess=(struct process *)malloc(sizeof(struct process));

    fscanf(myInput, "%s", newProcess->processName);
    fscanf(myInput, "%d", & (newProcess->expectedRunTime) );
    fscanf(myInput, "%d", & (newProcess->timeOfSubmission) );
    printf("%s    ",newProcess->processName);
    printf("%d    ",newProcess->expectedRunTime);
    printf("%d  \n",newProcess->timeOfSubmission);
return 0;
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After reading newProcess->expectedRunTime, you are overwriting it with:

fscanf(myInput, "%d", & (newProcess->expectedRunTime) );

which has garbage as nothing has been written to newProcess->remainingRunTime.

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I switched sides like : (newProcess->remainingRunTime)=(newProcess->expectedRunTime);and it really works.This little thing has ruined my whole project so far:)Thanks a lot! – user1927007 Dec 24 '12 at 17:02

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