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I finished a working app that allows my user to login with Facebook then simultaneously post to their blog website and a Facebook page wall on submit. This works fine in my development environment (localhost) but when I pushed it up to production I get the following error when trying to post to the pages wall:

1.234523452345234E+14 does not resolve to a valid user ID

The number shown is almost identical to the page (not user) id of the page I am attempting to post to. I assume since you must act as the page when performing actions on the page that the page is the user. Any ideas why this would break in a new environment? I did update my app configuration to point to the correct canvas urls.

  • User can successfully login.
  • I can access the user id and page id.

I noticed the page id is getting reformatted: 12345234523452340 becomes 1.234523452345234E+14

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Convert it back to the whole number:

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This worked! I threw in an echo before and after to show the id. On localhost, the id was fine. In production it was screwed up. What server configuration would screw up a number like that? – SystemAccount Dec 24 '12 at 17:51
Not sure why it differ in both cases :-/ Probably its returning the number not a string so it can convert it may be converting to the exponential form, not sure. – Sahil Mittal Dec 24 '12 at 18:05

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