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Okay so I have my html form in which I ask for this info:

<div id="header1">
  <h1>Dades del client:</h1>
<form action="retornat.php" method="post">
    Codi lloguer: <input type="number" name="rlloguer_codi" value="9999"/><br>
    Km finals: <input type="text" name="rlloguer_kmf" value="55000"/><br>
    Data final: <input type="text" name="rlloguer_dataf" value="10-MAY-2010"/><br>
    Estat del vehicle: <input type="text" name="rlloguer_retorn" value="A"/><br>
<input type="submit" value="Actualitza" />

And this redirects the user to the php file which is this one:

    include 'vars.php';

    $conn = oci_connect('u********', 'u*******', '*******');

    if (!$conn) { 
        echo "<p>No hem pogut connectar amb la BD.</p>"; 

    $rcodi = $_POST['rlloguer_codi'];
    $rkmf = $_POST['rlloguer_kmf'];
    $rdataf = $_POST['rlloguer_dataf'];
    $rretorn = $_POST['rlloguer_retorn'];

    echo"Les dades del cotxe retornat son: {$rcodi}, {$rkmf}, {$rdataf}, {$rretorn}.";

    $stid = oci_parse($conn,    "UPDATE 
                                    (lloguer_kmf='$rkmf', lloguer_dataf='$rdataf', lloguer_retorn='$rretorn')

    oci_bind_by_name($stid, ":rcodi", $rcodi);
    oci_bind_by_name($stid, ":rkmf", $rkmf);
    oci_bind_by_name($stid, ":rdataf", $rdataf);
    oci_bind_by_name($stid, ":rretorn", $rretorn);

    }catch(Exception $e){
        echo "Retorn actualitzat correctament.",  $e->getMessage(), "\n";
    if (!$r){
        echo "Hi ha hagut un error afegint el retorn. Comprova que tots els camps siguin correctes.";
    else {
        echo "Retorn actualitzat correctament.";
    $stid1 = oci_parse($conn, 'SELECT * FROM lloguer');

    echo "<table border='1'>\n";    
    while (($row = oci_fetch_array($stid1, OCI_ASSOC+OCI_RETURN_NULLS)) != false) {
        echo "<tr>\n";
        foreach ($row as $item) {
            echo "  <td>".($item !== null ? htmlentities($item, ENT_QUOTES) : "&nbsp;")."  "."</td>\n";
        echo "</tr>\n";
    echo "</table>\n";


I have two problems: Frist one I guess it comes from the UPDATE query because I have never done any and I couldn't fine a similar one. Second one is I can only enter the date in the HTML format (Data Inicial) in this format: '10-MAY-2010'. How can I make it so that you can enter it with the usual format? '10/05/2012'

Thanks a lot I hope you can help me!

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You are horribly misusing prepared statements there. What's with the variable interpolation before binding params? You're still leaving yourself open to an SQL injection vulnerability. – Charles Dec 24 '12 at 19:03
Oh wow that's true, I now covered the info, I hope it wasn't too late. The order of the prepared statements isn't the problem because I have other files where I have to insert rows to a table using this same method and it worked fine. Any other ideas? – p. bosch Dec 24 '12 at 19:09

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