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Hibernate is a persistence framework which is used to persist data from Java environment to database.

I am so confused, if we persist and object to a database, then why does Hibernate architecture indicate the persistent object in the middle of Application and Hibernate in picture?

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I will make it more clearer. Persistent objects are instances of POJO classes that you create that represent the table in database. According to hibernate-doc an instance of POJO class representing table in database goes through 3 states of which persistent is one of them.

When a POJO instance is in session scope, it is said to be persistent i.e hibernate detects any changes made to that object and synchronizes it with database when we close or flush the session.

And about and XML Mapping @Ken Chan is right. Go through hibernate-doc for more illustrations on objects in hibernate.

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According to the figure , you configure or some XML mapping to map a database table to a java object which is called persistent object .

Then in your application , you use the persistent object as a normal java object to manipulate its state . You can pass persistent object to hibernate .Hibernate will then generate and issue the necessary SQL to DB to synchronize the state of the persistent objectand its corresponding database record .Does it make sense ?

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yes, but what happens to Hibernate cash ? and is persistent object saved in DB when session is closed?@ken Chan – reza asgary Dec 24 '12 at 20:11
in hibernate term , the persistent objects will be synchronized with DB (i.e saved/updated/deleted from DB depending on the state of the persistent objects) when the hibernate session is flushed – Ken Chan Dec 24 '12 at 20:28

Persistent Objects are generally those objects that exist in memory even beyond the duration of the process that creates it. These objects are then stored in the database.

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Persistant objects are the classes that in your program that has a representation in the database.

Example if you have a Car class with the properties NumberPlate, Fuel. The NHibernate configuration will map this to for example a table in the database that is named Car and has these columns corresponding to the Car class properties.

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Persistent object is nothing but an instance of POJO class. And POJO class is nothing but a class that represents a table. And Hibernate always monitoring that persistent object. Whenever you manipulate that object or you made any changes in that object, Hibernate will do the same in that table (that one represent by the POJO class). that all handle by the hibernate. So in sort this is the one of the feature of hibernate framework.

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