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I have a plugin that extends AbstractUIPlugin

package lsclipse;
public class LSclipse extends AbstractUIPlugin {

With it, I can get the state location directory using following code.

public static final String baseDir = \

And this directory maps into WORKSPACE/.metdata/.plugin/PROJECT which is handy enter image description here

However with a plugin that implements BundleActivator

package lsclipse;
public class Activator implements BundleActivator {

I can't get the state location().

enter image description here

I could use Platform.getLocation().toFile().toString(); to get the workspace for this plugin, but it is the base directory for the WORKSPACE, not WORKSPACE/.metdata/.plugin/PROJECT.

How can I get the state location from Activator? My plugin is headless RCP, so I don't want (or can't) inherit from AbstarctUIPlugin.

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public static IPath getStateLocation(Bundle bundle) 

should give you data area for the bundle.

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The only alternative would be to try getEnvironmentInfo() if your Activator class supports it. Through the EnvironmentInfo instance you get back, you can find any arguments passed in when Eclipse was invoked. If you're running headless you might be able to pass in as an argument an acceptable directory path for your plugin's state store location.

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Simply extend Plugin not AbstractUIPlugin that does not have any ui dependencies but has the same method you mentioned.

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