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I've added about 35 images to my res/drawable folder and another 30 sound files to res/raw folder. Now my application takes a good 5 seconds longer to start even tough only 1 image and 1 sound resource is used for the startup screen. That makes me ask: When are my image resources loaded into memory?

Are they loaded when the application starts or when I use them for the first time? (Ex: when I call ImageView.setImageResource(myResId);)

If they are all loaded when the app starts, how can I avoid this? If each one is loaded on demand, why is my application taking longer to start?

Info about app for insight: Single activity with a ViewPager. Each view page uses one of the image resources which is a jpeg file with 700x400 px resolution (~50K) and one of the sound files which is an mp3 file <5 sec (~60K).

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Are you making all the pages at the same time? –  A--C Dec 24 '12 at 20:38
Nope, page views are created when user flips. –  e-mre Dec 24 '12 at 20:40

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Are they bitmaps? I found this in the android dev website:


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