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Question regarding Magento: I need to make a PHP script where I grab the ‘final_price’ (the price after applying category and shopping cart price rules), of a product for a particular customer group, and use this in a calculation to populate a specific attribute with the outcome.


  • Product ‘X’ has a ‘price’ attribute set at $100 in Magento
  • After applying the category price rules for customer group ‘CG’, the final_price for product ‘X’ for this specific customer group is $10
  • Next, I populate the (self-created) attribute ‘price grabbed’ = (final_price for product group CG) * ( 1.56 ) = $15.60
  • The script needs to make the above calculation for each of the products

I have been searching all over the place how to use final_price for a specific customer group in a PHP script in Magento CE 1.7.2, but can’t find a proper method. The idea is to call the script nightly through cron.

I have full access to Magento, the dedicated (Centos 5, LAMP) server, and all databases. The database has 15000 products.

Does anybody have an idea how I best do this?

Regards, Jan

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please clarify: are you trying to set the price on the fly? meaning the price will show up differently for each customer group? –  pzirkind Dec 24 '12 at 21:34

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What is used in the product to determine the customer group is


So what you want to do is to ensure that you set the customer group id in the customer session before calling the getFinalPrice() method on the catalog/product model.

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