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I wish to write a cinnamon applet. These are based in JavaScript. The code I wish to write changes services (turning them on and off, similar to WebDeveloperMenuApplet). I don't expect the debugging for the service start/stop/restart to work, but I was wondering how I would debug the menu items and the calls to the functions. I also wish to write a configuration applet that would involve some more complex coding or calls to a external server.

Is it possible to load this into a web browser or is there a better way to debugging this? I don't know where the imports command is pulling so I am not sure how to duplicate this in a web browser.

Currently using IntelliJ IDEA as IDE, but quite will to switch to anything for this project.

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I know this is over a year old now, but I came across it as I was trying to write my own applet so I though I'd share my experiences.

In terms of debugging, I'm not sure these can be done in a browser. I debugged mine by updating my code, re-activating the applet in Cinnamon and then looking at the error log (Alt+F2 and then type lg).

Not a great solution at all, but it's the only solution I've found.

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