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I started to write cpp programs using the emacs editor in windows.

I would like to know what other softwares I need to have in order to be able to run these programs completely inside emacs. I need to know something like where to find the common h files included in cpp programs and where to put them.

I am lost in googling, and need advice from programmers. Before, I worked on CodeBlocks, but now I want to switch to emacs.

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With Emacs, you can execute a shell INTO a frame. You have just to split up your screen, with C-x 2 or C-x 3 and type M-x shell to start the shell... And there, you can call gcc to build your app (or your Makefile), and execute him (./a.out)

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Actually, for compilation, it's better to use M-x compile, as that will allow you to walk between errors (not that I do that, I tend to compile in a separate shell, and use M-g (in XEmacs, in regular emacs it's M-g-g) to go to the line with the error. –  Mats Petersson Dec 24 '12 at 22:31
@ScrolaWebDev thanks this is really a good solution that worked, although I want to be able to use M-x compile of emacs, but I will clarify my question in another Q. –  Aya Dec 26 '12 at 20:34

Use "M-x shell" to start a shell, and type ./a.out (or whatever your program is called). Requires no extras if you are on a linux machine.

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