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Using Sharepoint Designer for Sharepoint 2010 is it possible to disable, or better yet remove, the "Add new Page" link at the bottom of a Site Pages Data view?

I'm looking for a checkbox or something that says "disable adding new pages" or something like that.

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Try this:

using SharePoint Designer

1) open your site to sharepoint desinger 2010.

2) goto List & Libraries > Document libraries > Site Pages

3) open your view in with Edit File in Advanced Mode(Right click on view)

4) search Toolbar node tag in XsltListViewWebPart and replace this.

<Toolbar Type="None"/>

using edit page

1) edit your Default page using Site Action > Edit Page.

2) Edit webpart > Toolbar type > No Toolbar.

enter image description here

Applied than Okay.

Hops it helps!!!

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Sorry it took so long to accept your answer. Your solution worked perfectly and thank you for showing me both the GUI version and the code version. – Samuel Jan 9 '13 at 18:08

You can edit webpart, and change Tool Bar type as "NO Toolbar" or "Full Toolbar"

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