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When I store a content with an integer value as a string, when I retrive it it's suddenly an int.

So here is what I'm seeing: I store with this

db = get_db()
hello = escape(str(request.form['name'])).striptags()
what = escape(str(request.form['content'])).striptags()
db.execute('''insert into entry (
title, content, score, approved, pub_date) values (?, ?, 0, 0,?)''',
raise Exception('what')

And when I submit from the page, say form['name']='1' and form['content']='2', at the Exception, hello==u'1' and content==u'2'. This is all good so far. Then I store in the DB, but when I go to retrieve, suddenly the entries are type int 1 and 2. Everything goes correctly for any other string, say "lorem ispum".

In my sql schema, title and content are both type string. What's going on?

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How do you detect that they are ints and not strings? – Himanshu Dec 25 '12 at 2:25
I'm getting an error in which a function doesn't work on type "int". Also, I open the Flask console by raising an error and check what comes back from the query and it is indeed an int. – Oliver Dec 25 '12 at 2:38
Still don't know the answer, BUT I just put in workaround by casting the query results to strings before supplying them to the template. – Oliver Dec 25 '12 at 2:39
Okay. Yes this is strange behavior and should happen only if the database column type is INT/NUMERIC. – Himanshu Dec 25 '12 at 2:43
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Note that in SQLite using any column type does not guarantee that this column will be permitted to store only value of this type - it can still store value of any type.

I think what is happening in your case is that your column has INTEGER or NUMERIC affinity, and in this case SQLite will normally store value of INTEGER type. However, if you try to store data that cannot be cast to INTEGER losslessly, SQLite will automatically convert it to TEXT. (Or, your column may be of TEXT affinity, but Python has somehow forced this field to store it as INTEGER if it looks like integer).

You can read more about this in SQLite documentation - scroll to 2.0 Type Affinity.

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You're right! "string" isn't recognized by SQLite at all, so I guess it defaulted to NUMERIC affinity. I changed my schema to "text" and now it exhibits the correct behavior. Thanks! – Oliver Dec 26 '12 at 5:12

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