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I'm building a RESTful API and I would like to allow users to sign-in or sign-up through Facebook.

My trouble is the following:

  • if the Facebook Connect is performed client-side, I think I must add inside a SDK the APP_ID and the APP_SECRET, which is not good for security.
  • if the Facebook Connect is performed server-side, the user experience can be worse when he is not logged in to Facebook (on his iPhone for instance).

So I don't really know how to do... By the way, am I right?

Is there a perfect method to handle a basic Facebook Connect for mobile applications?

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Native application? or Mobile Web? –  Tommy Crush Dec 25 '12 at 2:55
Both: native for Android and iPhone, and web mobile for HTML5 browser. With a same API. –  Zag zag.. Dec 25 '12 at 15:44

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Use the appropriate SDK for each platform, until you get the access_token. Pass that access_token via HTTP SSL to an API call of yours like facebook_login.

On the API side, make a server-side call to the Graph API to get the facebook user_id. Match that user_id to a record in your database, and you know what user you're dealing with!

Now you're in a place where you can handle this like any other API login situation. Pass them a token or something for future API calls, or however you're choosing to authenticate it.

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