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Anyone know of a good Math Expression builder for an online WYSIWIG. Ideally the user would be able to easily create common math symbols/notations like summation, integrals, radicals, etc... online, ideally in an existing editor.

I also need to be able host it (and ideally integrate it) in a .NET stack (IIS/Windows).

Thanks in advance!

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It's not quite a WYSIWYG editor, but if you haven't already, check out ASCIIMathML. IMO it does a good job of rendering mathematical equations from tex-like markup.

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You may check the MathML editor by Connections which

(works at the moment only with Firefox)

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It's javascript only, so easy to integrate on the server side. The client side thing needs work, obviously. –  reedstrm Feb 9 '10 at 18:31

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