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How can I copy one matrix into another without for loops ? is it even possible ?

This is a short code that does it with loops , how can I avoid loops here ?

% middleImg , newImg are matrices 
[rows columns] = size(middleImg);
for i=1:rows
    for j=1:columns     
        newImg(i,j) = middleImg(i+1,j+1);
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Your loop will throw an error, since middleImg only has rows number of rows, but you're trying to read a value from row # rows+1. –  Jonas Dec 25 '12 at 3:57

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just do:

  newImg = middleImg;

If what you meant is to copy everything but the first row and col, then just:

 newImg = middleImg(2:end,2:end);
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