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I've never worked with ORDER BY CASE or ORDER BY IF() and the few examples I've found on the internet are more confusing than helping me trying to accomplish following task:

I have a member list and I want to "reward" the user's activity a bit by ordering a user higher (to the top) in this member list.

In my example, I have a MySQL table called "users" with 3 columns:

  user_percentage     |     user_photo     |     user_lastlogin
        12                      1                  1356389646
        42                      1                  1456549641
        37                      0                  1776389443
        84                      1                  1356535535
        56                      0                  1868689646
        66                      0                  1811189622
        71                      1                  1656779645
  • "user_percentage" holds the value (0 - 100) of all filled in profile fields by each user.
  • "user_photo" holds the value (0 = false , 1 = true) if a user has upload a profile photo.
  • "user_lastlogin holds the value (timestamp) of their last visit.

It's a bit difficult to explain, but to say it simple what I want:

  • A user with a higher user_percentage value should be on top of the member list, but if he got no user_photo, then he should be "moved down" in the member list, same if he got an old user_lastlogin timestamp, then list him even more down in the member order.

  • Also what I'm trying to prevent is that a user has signed up, filled in all profile fields (then user_percentage value will be = 100) and uploaded a photo (then user_photo will be = 1), but hasn't login anymore since a long time (so he has a very old user_lastlogin = timestamp), then I want this user moved down in the member list order.

My question is: Is this somehow possible to do with 1 MySQL ORDER BY statement?

Let's say user_photo has just an importance of 30% while user_lastlogin got a higher importance and user_percentage also a bit higher.

Any ideas?

Best regards!

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In order to even begin writing the SQL, you need to clarify how much each parameter is worth.

You should produce a list of examples and then convert it into either a simple calculation like:


or CASE based statements which each have a calculation - i.e:

ALL people with photos THEN ALL people with out, subsorted by time*percentage.

Hand-wavy 'move down a bit' is not specific enough for an answer with SQL commands.

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Of course, 'moving a bit down' was meant to be for the case a user has 100 user_percentage + user_photo = 1, but a very old user_lastlogin date, then because of this old _lastlogin date he should be listed under a user with a newer _lastlogin date. – user1742161 Dec 25 '12 at 15:07
But how much newer? Is 1 year enough? 1 month? 1 day? 1 second? – Philip Whitehouse Dec 25 '12 at 18:55
Yes, let's make it simple, after 1 year not logged in (user_lastlogin) they becomes old. Also, if no user_photo, they should be listed at the end of the list. – user1742161 Dec 26 '12 at 22:00

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