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I'm trying to access a Rails project which is on a friend's server.

I have installed OSXFUSE, MacFUSE, and MacFusion, plus the standalone SSHFS package on my Mac OS 10.7.4 system.

I wanted to use MacFusion but after TextMate crashed, I decided to follow the instructions from Macromates (http://wiki.macromates.com/Main/Howtos#Macfuse):

sshfs user@servername:/ ~/mnt/servername -o'ping_diskarb,volname=servername'
cd ~/mnt/servername/projectfolder
mate .

TextMate launches but immediately becomes unresponsive until I force it to quit. Sublime Text 2 has no such issue.

Any advice on how to debug this?

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I was looking for a solution to this and found this seemed to work:

sshfs -o no_readahead,noappledouble,nolocalcaches user@server:. /mount/ 

From HERE: Sshfs, Textmate & Rails project, very slow


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I'm actually not sure this helped. I think my problem is an issue of TextMate opening large directories in general. In the end I've opened a smaller directory and it seems to work. –  Gabriel Littman Aug 9 '13 at 21:38
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