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I have text file as below:


123  a  234 test    a1
123  a  234 test    a2
123  a  234 test    a3
1h3  b  234 test    a4
1d3  c  234 test    a5
12g  d  234 test    a6
v23  e  234 test    a7
n23  f  234 test    a8
1n3  g  234 test    a9
1k3  h  234 test    a10
1j3  i  234 test    a11
1r3  j  234 test12  a12
1s3  k  234 test34  a13
1w3  l  234 test56  a14

I want to read it by sorting the word test that repeat many time,so I want to get the result as below:

test  a1

PHP code:

 $PMTA_FILE = file_get_contents("text.txt");
            $lineFromText = explode("\n", $PMTA_FILE);          
            $chart = array();
            $row = 0;
            $domain = array();              
            $i = 0;
            foreach($lineFromText as $line){
                if($line !=""){
                    $data = explode(";",$line);
                    $domain = $data[3];
                    if (!array_key_exists($domain, $domains_seen)){
                        if($row < 5){
                            echo $domain;
                            /*In  $data[3],it has test 10 times that the same word so I just  want to display :
                            test  a1

Have any solution help me please,Thanks.

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Why are you using explode (with ; not being your delimiter) instead of file() and/or fgetcsv (for tabs) or a regex (for spaces)? – mario Dec 25 '12 at 3:13

I hope this is what you were looking for. Try searching next time!


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