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i made a mess of some kind my website was running perfectly but i did some changes to wpconfig i cant seem to remember and the result is that if i dont use permalinks and use simple page id the whole website works and if i try to use permalinks all the individual links break but home page as well as admin panel keeps working .

It always gives 500 internal server error

Any one got any ideas what could have gone wrong .

P.S.> I have deleted .htaccess and created a new one and copied the code given by wordpress but its still not working.

my website is NewsKase

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And a new wp-config copy .but U need to add ur database username and password there .or go to wp-admin/update-core.php and then click reinstall WordPress . I think that will help you without any loss –  Vaibhav Bhanushali Dec 25 '12 at 4:49

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Try the following:

  1. Get a fresh copy of wp-config.php and enter in your DB details (username, pw, name, table prefix).
  2. Delete htaccess file
  3. Regenerate permalinks (admin - settings - permalinks)
  4. Ensure server has mod-rewrite on
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