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WebRTC Questions

  • Is there an event for when the users camera stops streaming prematurely?

  • WebRTC can connect Peer2Peer what about Peer1 having a stream and multiple observers viewing?


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Sorry if I don't understand your second part....do you meant like this? ... webrtc-experiment.appspot.com/broadcast ... this experiment broadcasts video over unlimited peers.... –  Muaz Khan Dec 25 '12 at 4:54

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My experiment with Chrome 24 and 26 show that none of the mediastream/localmediastream or video events fire when a peer disconnects, but the (RTCPeerConnection) icecandidate event does fire several times right after the disconnect: first with the candidate and then without it on the event object.

peer = new RTCPeerConnection({ "iceServers": [{ "url": "stun:stun.l.google.com:19302" }] });
peer.onicecandidate = function(e){
   if(!e.candidate) return console.log('Did someone disconnect?',e);
   console.log('Someone might have just disconnected. Or maybe not.',e);

I've been able to connect 3 peers in chrome successfully as well: as far as I know each peer connection just connects two peers, so to have multiple simultaneous connections the host connects with each one individually.

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