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I have the following scanf code I am unable to understand::

char board[3][3];
int i;
scanf("%s[^\n]%*c", board[i]);

Please help me understand word by word what the letters in scanf syntax mean. Thankyou.

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This appears to be trying to use a non-standard syntax to skip everything after the first word on each line. What platform is this for? – Vaughn Cato Dec 25 '12 at 4:44
@VaughnCato Any. This is standard. "I don't see it" != "It doesn't exist"... – user529758 Dec 25 '12 at 4:53

Read a sequence of non-whitespace characters, then "[^", newline, "]", then one more character which is not stored anywhere. I don't think this is what actually needed. You can read scanf manpage (google it) for correct syntax.


%s - capture a sequence of non-whitespace characters

%[ - capture a sequence of characters determined by set (ending with ']')

That's why %s[^\n] seems wrong to me. Should be %[^\n] instead.

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What this does is, for 3 times (inside for loop), reads a line (with %s) till it encounters a newline char (with [^\n]) and discards the last (newline) char (with %*c).


Here, "*" will tell scanf to not store the value caught by "c". i.e. the newline char.

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