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I have a TIMESTAMP myDate field in my MYSQL Table.

Is there a way I can define a unique string stringForTheDay for every day in myDate?

Something like:

UNIQUE(stringForTheDay, day_in_mydate)

In short, these 2 rows must not be allowed:

2012-11-29 13:35:53      samestring
2012-11-29 20:39:09      samestring
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Can you not use DATE instead of TIMESTAMP? –  user1710917 Dec 25 '12 at 4:59
Unfortunately, I can't :( –  th3an0maly Dec 25 '12 at 4:59

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You can't.

Alternatively, you can create another column which has a data type of DATE only and make a unique compound key with your dateOnly column and the string column,


  `day_in_mydate` datetime, 
  `stringForTheDay` varchar(10),
  `dateControl` date,
  UNIQUE (dateControl, stringForTheDay)

a full example was demonstrated here,

if you have an existing table with records on it, but you can still alter it. Add a column with DATE datatype, and execute this query

ALTER TABLE tableName ADD CONSTRAINT tb_UQ UNIQUE (dateOnlyColumn, stringColumn)

and update the table with its value from the timestamp field.

UPDATE tableName
SET    dateOnlyColumn = DATE(timestampColumn)
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I think your best bet is to copy the date-part into a separate column, and add a unique constraint on it. You can keep the date-part up-to-date by using triggers:

CREATE TRIGGER ins_tablename BEFORE INSERT ON tablename
FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.dateColumn = CAST(NEW.timestampColumn AS DATE);

CREATE TRIGGER upd_tablename BEFORE UPDATE ON tablename
FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.dateColumn = CAST(NEW.timestampColumn AS DATE);

(See §18.3 "Using Triggers" in the MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual.)

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