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Added a new class and methods to the existing code in an imported pod.

I checked everything I could in the Utilities for this new class.

  • Location of .h and .m file is selected as 'Relative to project' like all other files in this pod
  • actual files are in the same path as the other file of this pod
  • target membership is same as pod.

Xcode is not seeing the addition of the new class (h file in an import statement in the project using the pod).

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What do you mean by 'Xcode is not seeing' the files? Do you get compiler errors (which have nothing to do with Xcode, by the way)? – user529758 Dec 25 '12 at 5:27
yeah "MyClass.h" file not found. – Mark W Dec 25 '12 at 5:29

Not sure why it doesn’t work for you, but aside from that you should not modify the Pods.xcodeproj. CocoaPods assumes it has control over it and will wipe out your changes on the next pod install or pod update. (Maybe that’s the problem your seeing?)

Either add the custom class to your own project, extend the library with categories in your own project, or have a fork of the library where you push your changes to (possibly by using the :local directive in your Podfile).

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