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My program is a server which handles incoming requests. Each valid request is wrapped in NSOperation and passed to a normal NSOperationQueue.

Each NSOpearation processes its request. In some cases, there is contention at a NSDictionary which I use dispatch_queue (concurrent queue), dispatch_barrier_async(when set value) and dispatch_sync(when get value) to make this NSDictionary thread-safe.

I test my program with 100 requests concurrently then the process freezes sometimes. I kill the process with SIGSEGV to see crash log.

Most of the threads stuck at dispatch_sync of this queue. And there is a note below

Dispatch Thread Soft Limit Reached: 64 (too many dispatch threads blocked in synchronous operations)

What does this note really mean? What is its behavior? I cannot find information about this limit. How can I fix this issue?

I can think of 2 possible ways to avoid this problem. (which I'm going to test them and will update later)

  1. Use dispatch_semaphore to limit submitting the block to this concurrent queue.
  2. Limit maxConcurrentOperationCount of the NSOperationQueue

Do you have a better solution?

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This question should help explain somewhat: stackoverflow.com/questions/7213845/… –  Quinn Taylor Mar 2 '13 at 6:48
Your solutions are basically the correct ones. If you must do blocking work in concurrent queues, you need to limit the amount of parallelism you allow. libdispatch will only self-limit for cpu-bound work. –  Catfish_Man Sep 25 at 20:27

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