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In the next example I created a TitlePane between a 200px height container. I set the TitlePane height at 100%, but it doesn't seems to expands.

Relevant code:

var titlePane = new TitlePane({
    title: "TITLE",
    toggleable: false,
    style: "height: 100%; overflow-y: auto",
    content: "foo"
var outerPane = new ContentPane({
    content: titlePane,
    style: "height: 200px;"
}, dojo.byId("body2"));

Full example:

Any idea?

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Add this style


I'm not sure this is the best option or not. But it's also work.

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I found a workarount using the accordion container. It's look nearly identical when only contains a pane with title.

function example(ContentPane, Accordion, Button){

var titlePane = new Accordion({
       style: "height: 100%; overflow-y: auto"

var innerPane = new ContentPane({title:'TITLE', content:'foo'})


var outerPane= new ContentPane({
    style: "height: 200px;"
}, dojo.byId("body2"));

var button= new Button({
    label:"add line",
        innerPane.set("content", innerPane.get("content")+"<br>foo")
}).placeAt(dojo.byId("body2"), "after");

require(["dijit/layout/ContentPane", "dijit/layout/AccordionContainer",
     "dijit/form/Button"], example );

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