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I've been researching git website deployment, and I have come across 2 different methods. They both seem to work, but I am wondering what pros/cons that I am missing. Which of these 2 methods do you use, and why?

  1. Repo with detached work tree in public www directory. You push to the repo and the post-update hook does a checkout -f (similar to this)
  2. Bare Repo AND non-bare repo in public www directory. Post-update hook does a git reset and then a git pull. (similar to this)

Method 1 seems simpler, since you just have 1 repo to worry about, but I'm wondering if there is something I am missing.

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Well, in most case if you are working alone, it make no difference. If you are working with a team, the following may happen:

  1. someone may make changes on the production server's www directory and you commit and push. The post-update hook will reset the public www directory and erase all his/her work.
  2. he/she make changes on the production server and commit it. When you do a commit and push, His/her work will be in a repository branch, then he/she can just do a merge and all the work is there.

1 method is easy at the beginning but you risk the chance of losting some of your work. I hope that help, if I misunderstanding what you mean, please feel free to correct it.

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