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I'm looking for good reference material regarding the use of ABAP Unit Test Classes.

I'm interested in any of the following:

  • Documentation on the functionality
  • Best Practises
  • "How To Guides"
  • Blogs/Books on people's experience in using test-driven development in a SAP environment, particularly what sort of scenarios leans themselves to test-driven development & how you get around the dependency of SAP on business data.
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There is some documentation in

Also, there is a German PDF (see here) that may be helpful if you know some German ;-) At least it contains a few email addresses of people that may be able to help. Not sure because the PDF is from a conference in 2003, so the contact info may not be too up to date.

Lastly. there seems to be a German book (on Amazon Germany) .. again not sure if that helps you.

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+1 for letting me earn the tumbleweed badge before answering :P Thanks, my German's not that great, but the sap help is useful. I will try to word this question a bit better sometime. I just find that unit testing does not seem to feature at all in many SAP projects, and I believe there is merit in at least considering it. – Esti Sep 30 '09 at 5:55

Everything I've found so far is still pretty basic.

There is some documentation in SE24 for class CL_AUNIT_ASSERT. Doing a where-used on the class gives an indication of how it is meant to be used.

There also is a 5 part blog series on SAP SDN

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I recently wrote a blog article on my experiences here: Adopting Test Driven Development using ABAP Unit

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