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i have a query as below

select SystemId, Id, FirstName, LastName,AptUnitNo, Zip, StreetName,streetnumber (case when LastName like 'robe%' then -8 else 0 end ) as Ordervalue 
from registeredusers 
Where LastName like 'robe%') 
order by Ordervalue, LastName,FirstName , StreetName, StreetNumber ASC 
limit 0,50

how to create a sphinx conf file for the above query.


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Are you trying to install sphinx ? – Moyed Ansari Dec 25 '12 at 6:54
yes. i have already installed it. but facing difficulty with how to implement it in sphinx as i have about 4 dynamic queries based on lastname,firstname,streetname,zip. and need the best match based on the criteria. – dell Dec 26 '12 at 12:19
hey Moyed ansari .. let me know if u have implemented sphinx before .. – dell Dec 26 '12 at 12:20
yes, i know how to install and configure sphinx – Moyed Ansari Dec 26 '12 at 13:33

You need to put your query to the sql_query option in the config file.

You can find step by step guide on how to create config file, perform initial indexing and run your first Sphinx query here:

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