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I am new to opencv, so please help me in solving this basic query. I am trying to find the max. value of a Mat variable. I tried to use the max_element and minMaxLoc, but end up facing errors, as the function keeps saying the datatype matched is wrong. I checked it over and over again, but am not successful. here is my code. ABS_DST is the MAT variable

    double *estimate,*min;
    CvPoint *minLoc,*maxLoc;

    Size s = abs_dst.size();
    int rows = s.height;
    int cols = s.width;
    double imagearray[rows][cols] =;


I even tried giving the Mat variable abs_dst directly. But have not succeeded. there's an optional input mask array, which I have ignored as I do not require that.

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Do next:

Point[] Mat_To_Point = Your_Mat_Variable.toArray();

And next you can to sort your array

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I think I got the answer. Thanks for your efforts. The problem is minMaxLoc doesn't take RGB images array, as it is 3 channel. I had to convert the ABS_DST to Gray scale.


it is not

    CvPoint *minLoc,maxLoc;

it is

    Point *minLoc,*maxLoc;

I need not convert it to array, as converting to Gray Scale will directly give me a 1D channel, enough for the minMaxLoc. My apologies for my own mistakes and thanks once again for your efforts.

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