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I have a settings.xml file that contains Preferences for my app. All the values by default are set to "true" and its used by PreferenceActivity in my app. In my main activity I read the values through

     SharedPreferences sp=PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(appContext);
     Boolean key = sp.getBoolean("M", false);

it gets me whatever I need at any run except the first time. Only when I open my app for the first time and doesn't open my settings menu I get "false". I mean I have to open menu and only after that the app run correctly.

Any suggestions?

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How do you move the values from settings.xml to the shared preferences without running PreferenceActivity? – Henry Dec 25 '12 at 8:13

Because yor are getting the default value for first time. that is false -->

Boolean key = sp.getBoolean("M", false);

use this

Boolean key = sp.getBoolean("M", true);
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Use sp.getBoolean("M", true); instead. Default values in preferences file is what it will be when preferences activity is first started. SharedPreferences know nothing about your settings.xml.

Alternatively you can have a separate defaults.xml file (or any other name) containing all the default values for all preferences. Then you use these values in both settings.xml (@bool/default_M_value) and your application (sp.getBoolean("M", getResources().getBoolean(R.bool.default_M_value))).

I personally would stick to first approach though.

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