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I'm trying to replace current time with Test::MockTime module. It works fine:

use Test::MockTime qw(:all);
use Time::Local;
my $sec  = 0;
my $min  = 0;
my $hour = 14;
my $mday = 1; #1-31
my $mon  = 1; #1-12
my $year = 2013; #1970-...
print join "\n", localtime;

But, when I use Time::localtime, nothing happens:

use Time::localtime;
use Time::Local;
use Test::MockTime qw(:all);

my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year)=(0,0,14,1,1,2013);


my $t=localtime();
my $xmon=$t->mon;
my $xyear=$t->year;
my $xday=$t->mday;
my $xmon_now=$xmon+1;
my $xyear_now=$xyear+1900;

print "$xmon_now $xyear_now\n";

The output will be "12 2012" How can I change time in my tests when Time::localtime is used? Thanks and sorry for my English


use Time::localtime;
use Test::MockTime qw(:all);

didnt work

use Test::MockTime qw(:all);
use Time::localtime;

works fine) perl magic

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(You should have made your update an answer, and accepted that!) –  ikegami Sep 3 '13 at 17:19
can't accept it. dont understand why it works –  Suic Sep 3 '13 at 19:06

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Test::MockTime overrides localtime, but Time::localtime uses CORE::localtime (the unoverrided version of localtime). You'd have to rewrite Time::localtime's localtime.

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