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Hello I am trying to make this work on a Godaddy server but it keeps getting a 'too many redirects' 310 error. The thing is it works fine on a Bluehost server so I feel we aren't to far off. What we want to see happen is when someone goes to it gets changed to

====redirects to www====
rewriteengine on
rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
rewriterule ^$ "http\:\/\/www\.coolsite\.com\/" [R=301,L]

====removes and trailing slashs====
rewriterule ^(.+)/$$1 [R=301,NC]

====hides 'index.html' but still serves it==== 
rewritecond %{THE_REQUEST} \ /(.+/)?index(\.html)?(\?.*)?\  [NC]
rewriterule ^(.+/)?index(\.html)?$ /%1 [R=301,L]

****removes '.html' from a link even if typed in(I Think)****
rewritecond %{ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS} ^$
rewriterule ^(.+)\.html$ /$1 [R=301,L]

====serves the '.html' version of the file(I Think)===
rewritecond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME}.html -f
rewriterule [^/]$ %{REQUEST_URI}.html [QSA,L]

When I remove the one that I *'ed it all works except it still serves with 'html' which we are trying to overcome.

Any ideas?

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The rules look fine. What might be causing the redirect may be mod_dir's DirectorySlash. By default when it's turned on, it redirects requests that it thinks map to a directory so that it includes a trailing slash. There's a good reason for this as it prevents a possible information disclosure security issue.

The thing is, when a URI gets sent down the URL/file mapping processing pipeline, when mod_dir gets to do its thing, it has to sometimes guess whether the URI it sees is a directory or not, and in some cases, like when the request is /about, it could think it maps to a directory, and pre-emptively redirect to a trailing slash (there may even actually be a directory there). Or due to there being another module turned on (like mod_negotiation) on one host and not the other, it could cause mod_dir to assume that the URI maps to a directory.

The way you get around this is to turn off directory slash, you can add this to your htaccess file:

DirectorySlash Off

Just keep in mind the possible security impact this may have.

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Thank you so much for the time you've already taken to look at our question. I've attempted the fix and it doesn't appear to work with this particular problem. I will be back online to try and solve this problem late tomorrow night. I look forward to anymore ideas you may have. Thank you again! – user1927869 Dec 25 '12 at 9:10

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