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I have two images with two resolutions: HD(2500x1500px) & LD. I use LD in preview and HD in detailed view. When project loading, it stores loaded BitmapData into system memory as a bitmapData variables(lowres & hires as BitmapData). But when i call HD mode, it gets a 1-2 sec delay before HD image is displayed. A bit of code:

var hires:BitmapData;
//when Loader complete
hires = e.currentTarget.content.bitmapData;
//Setting BD
this.BitmapData = hires;//--> Too Sloooooww

How can I get rid of the delay in the appointment of the HD bitmapData?

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How much RAM is required by both bitmaps and how much RAM is built into the iPad? If the hires bitmap cannot be held in RAM, there will be a delay. –  Mario Dec 26 '12 at 8:01

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