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i want to develop a flash website but i dont want anyone to get hands over my code,

because of the graphics , the content which i am going to have and i am even going to use some good front-end designs so i dont want anyone to get hands over it.

but i did my research inorder to avoid the caching of SWF file , but no results all the people are offering me was attaching a querystring to the SWF file,

but even though you are attaching the querystring the SWF file will be downloaded on the local storage and hence anyone can save the SWF file and decrypt it and get the data out of it.

i dont want anyone to get hands over my code or the stuff which i am going to use in the SWF. and i am going to use the MP3's in the website and i dont want anyone to get hands over that MP3 as well ... i know you may be thinking that anyone can get the mp3 from outside but i have my own reason of asking this question.

i would really appreciate , if you people can help me out with the solutions.

Thank to the StackOverFlow Members.

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Avoiding caching won't hinder people from downloading swf and mp3 files from your site. To display swf content in a web browser, it has to be downloaded to the visitors computer or device, which also means that the content can be downloaded and saved locally. Same goes for mp3 files. You can make it a bit harder to find, download and analyze the content, but you can't protect it completely. In my opinion, it is seldom worth while trying to protect content in this way. – Lars Blåsjö Dec 25 '12 at 17:54
agree with @LarsBlåsjö. You can also use code obfuscation to make harder reading your code, but simple web proxy will reveal downloaded content... – 3vilguy Dec 28 '12 at 16:32

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