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I am writing a visualforce page code:

<apex:page controller="AuthSubController" showHeader="false">
<head><title>Hello World</title>
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="XCzApP9fdbR3auxPHd3-X0g7uCNbrXZDQU_jm5GHXLI" />
     <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.token != null}"> 

The one time use token is :<b>{!$CurrentPage.parameters.token}</b>
            <br />
Record to update is {!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}
<br />
URL to update is {! getHello($CurrentPage.parameters.url)}



and apex Controller segment is

public class AuthSubController {
    public string getHello(String x) {
        return x.substring(3);

I defined getHello in my Controller class. Can someone please tell me why I am getting this error?

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URL to update is {! getHello($CurrentPage.parameters.url)}


URL to update is { !Hello($CurrentPage.parameters.url) }

will be fine.

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Yes. And what I usually do is public String hello { get; set; } or public String hello { get { ... } set { ... } } –  Chiz Dec 27 '12 at 21:33

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