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Is it possible to delete (instead of marking removed) issues from files which are deleted now?

I've tried excluding the files from the Project Translation when scanning, but it didn't help. Now when those files are deleted, I don't want to see their issues in the Fortify project.

BTW I'm using HP Fortify 3.70.

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I believe that best practices would say:

  1. Audit tag as appropriate
  2. Add comment that they were removed
  3. Suppress the vulnerabilities.

You can do this quickly by "grouping by" source file, multiselecting, then Tag/Comment/Suppress all at one time.

Actually removing vulnerabilities would break the history audit trail.

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Or if the files themselves were deleted, they should show up as removed in the results after a merge. If you don't want to see these, just change the view settings (in Options in AWB or "View Settings" while auditing in SSC) so that you don't see removed issues. –  lavamunky Nov 28 '13 at 11:14

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