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I was trying to call a function when the checkbox status changes, it calls without a masterpage. I have tried the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function () {
    $('#cbOption1').on('change', PublishToPreferredZerker);
  function PublishToPreferredZerker() {}
<asp:CheckBox ID="cbOption1" runat="server" style="text-align: left"
  Text="Publish the job to particular Zerker or a group of the Zerkers." /><br />

The function is not called when using MasterPage.

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Note cbOption1 is not the client ID, but the ID for the server side.

You need to do something like (Use Control.ClientID Property to get the id for HTML element):

$('#<%=cbOption1.ClientID%>').on('change', PublishToPreferredZerker);
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The code

$('#cbOption1').on('change', PublishToPreferredZerker);

finds the control with id cbOption1 and then acts on that control

But when using this code on a master page, the control id does not remain cbOption1.

It is prefixed by master page content Id.

something like ct$001cbOption1

To make it work when using master pages use code like this to find the clientId for the control :

$(#"<%= cbOption1.ClientID %>").on( .... )
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I got success while I added below code on Page load function.

cbOption1.Attributes.Add("onChange", "javascript:PublishToPreferredZerker()");

Javascript function

function PublishToPreferredZerker() {}

Also I have tried above answers but not get required output. Thanks,

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