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I am new to creating Windows applications in C++. My task is to write two cpp files, one of which will send a number (x) to the other one, the other one will evaluate f(x) and send it back to the first one. I should implement it using Messages. Couldn't get anything specific online, Could someone pls give me a clue, where to start? Great thanx!

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Are you talking about window messages? If so, the sending app could use SendMessage, which would cause the receiving app to get its window procedure executed. Of course, this means that the receiving app needs to create a window whose window handle is somehow made available to the sending app.

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WM_COPYDATA is a candidate for this. – chris Dec 25 '12 at 11:25

You can do it in several ways.

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Look at ZeroMQ (http://zeromq.org ; cross-platform, LGPL). It is a very simple, lightweight and powerfull library. From the very basic level you can use it to exchange UDP-style datagrams, but through reliable transport (TCP or some variants). Also you have cancelling support, time-based polling and advanced network schemes (which are non-needed in your case). I've selected it for a similar task, and it performs very well.

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