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Hi I am trying to to pass a query string to the link and I have writen it like this:

@Html.ActionLink(subcategory,"Index" , "Products" , new { category = subcategory})

The way I written it I recieve this and it seems it does not recognize the actionName:


If I remove new { category = subcategory} I get this:


What I would like the ActionLInk to do is to return something like this:

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subcategory is a c# variable –  Nistor Alexandru Dec 25 '12 at 11:22

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You are using the wrong overload of the Html.ActionLink. That is why the 3th argument "Products" gets interpreted as the route values which results ?Length=8 in the url.

As a sidenote: the Length=8 is coming from the string type which has one property Length and the length of the "Products" string is 8.

So you just need to use one of the correct overloads:

@Html.ActionLink(subcategory, //link text
                 "Index", //action name
                 "Products", //controller name
                 new { category = subcategory}, //route values
                 null // html attributes
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