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How to make the label receive the value of the selected item of select

My combobox:

<%= select("Cities", "destination", {|u| [, u.code]}) %>

the @city variable has the result of an SQL query where i get all my cities[] i want the value of the selected item to be written in a "label" (<%= label("Cities", "name" %>

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As per my understanding on changing or on selecting you have to set label on UI. To achieve this you have to use javascript,

set id for select tag suppose id is country and set some label id suppose 'country_label'


 var optionText = $("#country option:selected").text();  
 $("#country_label").text(optionText) // or val(optionText) check what is appropriate 


Or you have already selected combo box prior then you already know what is the value of city name you can directly add to <%=f.label :city,elected city name %>

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